Window tinting

Window Tint

Window tinting is a must-have, especially on warm summer days.
Our Window tint film protects your vehicle 99% protected from UV rays and depending on Tint strength up to 60% against heat penetration.
But it's not just the sun protection factor that is an important part of our tint film.
If you have valuables such as: E.g. your laptop, tools, etc. Keeping it in the car protects ours Sun protection film also ideal for prying eyes.
The assembly is completed within a few hours and there is no long lead time for this either!

Window tinting

- Tint the car window and then stay really cool

A window tint will help you keep a cool head on hot days. Our high quality Sun protection films absorb harmful heat-generating rays and thus ensure a high outside temperature pleasant climate in the interior Your car.

Tinting a car window contributes to both Increase in driving comfort as well as for Increase in traffic safety at, as attention wanes with rising temperatures.

With a window tint, you not only protect yourself against excessive exposure to the sun, but also against unwanted glimpses into your privacy. Reduce the risk of a break-in into your car by tinting the window of your car and preventing potential thieves from looking inside your vehicle.

With a professional window tint you can achieve

  • A pleasant indoor climate
  • An effective sun protection
  • More comfort
  • An increase in traffic safety
  • Improved protection against vehicle break-ins

When we tint a car window at Car Wrapping Stuttgart, we only use it high-quality window protection films from well-known brands with a general terms and conditions certificate and TÜV approval. A separate entry is therefore not required.

Tesla Model S Plaid

And in addition to all these practical advantages, sun protection also looks really cool.

In addition to the practical advantages, tinted windows inspire with a real one cool look. Depending on the intensity of the tint, an effect is created that gives your car its own style. See for yourself. Come to us Ludwigsburg. We would be happy to advise you in detail about the various window tinting options for your car