As a renowned expert for car wrapping Stuttgart, we are well aware of Porsche's demands and know why it is so important for them to have their vehicle wrapped by us. Below are some reasons why Porsche owners benefit from our services:

Exclusivity and individuality: Porsche vehicles stand for exclusivity and a unique driving experience. By having your vehicle wrapped by us, you can give it an individual touch and ensure that it stands out from other Porsches. Our design wrap allows you to give your vehicle a personal touch and express your own style

Protection and value retention: Porsche vehicles are high-quality automobiles with first-class paintwork. By using high-quality foiling, we protect the paint from scratches, stone chips and other external influences. Our paint protection films provide effective protection without affecting the original color or appearance of the vehicle. This helps maintain the value of your Porsche vehicle in the long term.

Experience and specialist knowledge: At Car Wrapping Stuttgart we have extensive experience and specialist knowledge in dealing with Porsche vehicles. Our specialized technicians are familiar with the specific requirements and peculiarities of Porsche vehicles. We know how to achieve the best results to optimally showcase the elegant and sporty design of the Porsche brand.

References and satisfied customers: We have an impressive list of satisfied customers who have wrapped their Porsche vehicles with us. Our gallery of before and after images showcases the high quality results we achieve. Our references and positive customer reviews confirm our expertise and our commitment to first-class work.

Trust and professionalism: Car Wrapping Stuttgart attaches great importance to trust and professionalism. We only use high-quality materials and the most modern techniques to ensure that every The Porsche vehicle that we wrap is a masterpiece. Our dedicated team of professionals work precisely and efficiently to ensure your expectations are exceeded.

When it comes to car wrapping your Porsche vehicle, you can rely on the expertise of Car Wrapping Stuttgart. Contact us today for more information and to schedule an appointment. We look forward to enhancing your Porsche vehicle and providing the protection it deserves.


Es gibt mehrere Gründe, warum es für Porsche-Fahrzeuge wichtig ist, ihre Fenster bei uns tönen zu lassen. Hier sind einige davon:

  1. Privacy and security: The tint film offers increased protection of the privacy in your Porsche, as it blocks out unwanted looks from outside prevented. You can move freely in the vehicle without passers-by or other road users having a view of the interior. This increases the feeling of security and protects you from potential break-ins or theft.

  2. Sun protection: Porsche vehicles are known for their generous glass surfaces, which allow plenty of sunlight into the interior. However, by tinting the windows, you can reduce the amount of UV rays and solar heat entering the vehicle. Not only does this protect you and your passengers from harmful UV rays, but it also helps keep the interior of the vehicle cool, especially on hot days.

  3. Vehicle aesthetics: The window tint gives your Porsche a stylish and attractive look. You can choose from a variety of tint levels and colors to customize the appearance of your vehicle. The tint film emphasizes the elegant design of the Porsche and gives it a certain exclusivity.

  4. Interior protection: The tint film protects the interior of your Porsche from fading and deterioration of the materials caused by intense sunlight. This means the interior stays beautiful for longer and retains its value.

  5. Energy Efficiency: By reducing sunlight and reducing heat generation in the vehicle, you can reduce the use of the air conditioning. This helps improve the energy efficiency of your Porsche vehicle and can result in fuel savings.

At Car Wrapping Stuttgart we offer professional window tinting services for Porsche vehicles. Our experienced team knows the specific requirements of Porsche and ensures precise, high-quality tinting of your vehicle windows. Contact us today for more information and to schedule an appointment. We look forward to providing you with the best possible service and demonstrating the benefits of window tinting for your Porsche.

Design foiling

Design wrapping for Porsche vehicles offers a variety of advantages and options to give your vehicle an individual touch. Here are some reasons why you should choose Design Wrapping at Car Wrapping Stuttgart:

  1. Exclusive design: With Design foiling you can design the appearance of your Porsche vehicle according to your wishes. Our experienced experts will help you create a unique design that perfectly showcases Porsche's sporty and elegant aesthetic.

  2. Protection of the paint: Design foiling not only offers aesthetic advantages, but also protects the paint of your Porsche from scratches, stone chips and other external influences. Our high-quality films provide long-lasting protection and keep the paint in top condition to preserve the value of your vehicle.

  3. Undo: One of the great features of Design Wrap is the ability to undo it if necessary. If you change your design or want a different wrap, the current wrap can be removed without damaging the original paint. This gives you the freedom to customize and update your design at any time.

  4. Individuality and exclusivity: With design foiling you can ensure that your Porsche is unique and stands out from other vehicles. We offer a wide range of colors, patterns and textures to create a design that reflects your personality and style. Your Porsche will be a real eye-catcher on the road.

  5. Expert experience: At Car Wrapping Stuttgart we have extensive experience in the design wrapping of Porsche vehicles. Our specialized technicians know the specific requirements and subtleties of Porsche models and guarantee professional and precise implementation of your design.

Protect your Porsche and give it an individual touch with Design Wrapping from Car Wrapping Stuttgart. Contact us today for further information and make an appointment. We look forward to transforming your Porsche vehicle into a unique and breathtaking work of art.


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