Paint protection

− Mit einer Lackschutzfolie besonders gefährdete Karosserieteile schützen

The paintwork of your car is exposed to a variety of attacks on a daily basis. Impacts from smaller stones are just as unavoidable as stubborn dirt from insects or from dripping resins when parking under trees. Your car paintwork is extremely endangered, especially in winter, when salt and grit are used to fight slippery roads.

But there is one Possibility to protect your vehicle more effectively against aggressive chemical and mechanical influences can.

We offer our extremely effective paint protection either for the entire vehicle or for individual body parts that are exposed to increased loads in everyday life. Are particularly at risk

  • The bumpers
  • The bonnet
  • The fenders
  • The sills
  • The door handle recesses
  • The loading edge of the trunk

A professionally installed by experienced experts invisible paint protection film makes your car's paintwork resistant to a wide variety of threats. A professional paint protection contributes significantly to the Preservation of the value of your car and avoids expensive repainting when returning leased vehicles. Effective, cheap and invisible, these are the three main advantages that you can expect from a high-quality paint protection film. We would be happy to demonstrate to you in Stuttgart how effective paint protection for your vehicle can look.

A Stone chip protection film for the bumpers and the bonnet or a paint protection film for the loading sill of your trunk, the choice is yours. The invisible and hard-wearing films from XPEL are suitable for all types of paintwork, regardless of whether they are matt or glossy. In addition, they are Car wash suitable and comes with a 10-year guarantee.

If you visit our company in Stuttgart, we will be happy to inform you about the many advantages of a stone chip protection film. We are also at your side with advice and action at all times for all other questions about protecting the paintwork of your vehicle. Just have a look at us in Stuttgart.


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