Car paint protection from Stuttgart

Car Wrapping Stuttgart is your specialist when it comes to high-quality paintwork protection for cars. We are one of the largest wrappers in Stuttgart and the surrounding area and have already professionally wrapped countless vehicles of various sizes.

Our films are very suitable for the car wash and come with a 10-year guarantee! If you have any questions, we will be happy to advise you without obligation.

Professional paint protection on the vehicle saves a lot of money

Unsere Lackschutzfolie schützt was gut ist: Mithilfe dieser Maßnahme werten Sie Ihr Fahrzeug auf, indem Sie ihm eine schützende Schicht schenken.

Our paint protection film protects what is good: With this measure you upgrade your vehicle by giving it a protective layer.

The value of your car is guaranteed
You avoid expensive repainting
Polishing is sometimes superfluous
Paint protection is also perfect for leasing vehicles
Our paint protection is extremely effective and invisible


front package

✓ Front bumper
✓ Bonnet
✓ Fenders
✓ Exterior mirrors
✓ A pillar (up to windscreen height)

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✓ Front bumper
✓ Bonnet
✓ Fenders
✓ Exterior mirrors
✓ A pillar (up to windscreen height)
✓ Sills
✓ Rear bumper (Introduction)

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Includes the foiling with paint protection film for all components that are painted in the base color.

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Exclusive manufacture

Exclusive manufacture - you as the vehicle owner decide which components should be wrapped and which not. Here you have no limits.

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All benefits at a glance

Improved protection against stone chips

Whether it's the finest stones on the motorway or harmful hail in unfavorable weather conditions: A paint protection film gives the body a protective layer that neutralizes potential damage from impacting stones and hail.

Paint protection saves cleaning work against tree resin

Tree resin and pollen settle on the paintwork every year because parking under trees cannot always be avoided. But harsh chemical cleaners that are effective against tree sap have the disadvantage of damaging the car paint. Thanks to a special layer in the paint film, tree sap can no longer easily adhere to the paint. Cleaning is made much easier and chemical cleaners become obsolete.

Safely protect door entry areas

Door entry areas are among the most unfavorable places on the car that are unfortunately stepped on unconsciously and sometimes unhappily. These entrance areas can also be scratched when loading and unloading the car. Paint protection prevents a lot of potential damage to these often-neglected areas.

Protect the cargo area on the trunk

Just like on the door entry area, paint protection film on the trunk is perfect for unwanted damage and scratches caused by loading and unloading the car. Because it is not always possible to be careful with suitcases and the like, which can cause unsightly and expensive damage if you pay less attention.

Insects can no longer adhere so well to the paint

Especially in warm weather, insects love to sprout from all corners. Unfortunately, they also like to be on the freeways, where a drive through in the heat sticks many unwanted visitors to the car's paintwork. As with tree resin, professional foiling is an excellent protection against unnecessary chemical cleaning agents, because insect remains can no longer adhere so well to our special protective foils.

Fine scratches are safely averted

Unfortunately, the finest scratches can also occur when shopping or parking in public. Whether a door is unintentionally opened too much and damages your expensive paint - or bicycles leave unwanted scratches on your vehicle: fine scratches and rubber marks have a particularly difficult time with a protective film.

It doesn't matter what special paint color you have on your vehicle - or whether you like to drive matt or glossy: Our paint protection film is completely invisible and does not change the appearance of your base paint. The only thing that changes is the increased resistance and durability of your existing car paint!

Only paint protection films from professional and established brands

We only find paint protection films of the brands XPEL Application: We consciously rely on established foils that you will enjoy for many years. Our films are perfectly suited for car washes. You also get a 10-year guarantee on your new film! In this way, you leave nothing to chance and can enjoy the advantages of our professional film wrappers in Stuttgart in the long term.

Suitable for individual body parts or for the entire vehicle

We are happy to equip your entire vehicle with paint protection. However, you can also flexibly choose individual or several body parts that are particularly worthy of protection:

  • Bumpers
  • Bonnet
  • Fenders
  • Sills
  • Door handle recesses
  • Trunk sill

Paint protection is also perfect for leasing vehicles

Has your vehicle been leased? In this case, too, paint protection can be particularly worthwhile for you because you can actively counteract potential additional fees due to possible damage.

You save yourself expensive repainting and contribute to the value of your leased car. This saves you nasty surprises when handing in!

Convince yourself of effective paint protection by Car Wrapping Stuttgart on site

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If you come from Stuttgart and the surrounding area, you are welcome to visit us on site so that we can advise you personally.

Our painting specialists look forward to your visit!

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